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COMODO Disk Encryption 1.2

Comodo Disk Encryption is a security tool for encrypting your disks
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Comodo Disk Encryption is a security tool for encrypting your disks. It allows you to encrypt your hard drives or partitions so that no one but you can access them. The encryption of your disks can be carried out using several encryption algorithms. The whole process takes place on the fly, as opposed to a pre-OS encryption which requires a reboot. Thus, all your changes will be encrypted almost instantly and there will not be any performance slow-downs.

Disk Encryption lets you encrypt your files by either setting a password that serves as a key for encryption or by creating a USB key that starts the authentication process. In other words, if you go for the latter, the information can be decrypted by simply having the USB drive plugged in. You can also use a combination of both methods for an ultra secure environment. Once you encrypt your drives, if they get stolen or you lose them, only someone with your USB key and your password will be able to retrieve your data, which is highly unlikely, at best.

Graphically, the application follows the simplicity of all Comodo's applications. It doesn't really take an expert to have a secure working environment with this app.

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  • Great security by using USB key and password


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